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Avoiding Probate in Tennessee

Tiffany Johns Law March 27, 2015

Almost everyone puts off estate planning for as long as they can. It is an unpleasant subject to think about, and it is not something we ever think could happen to us unexpectedly. Death happens to us all, yet most Tennesseans never take the steps they need to make sure that their life’s work goes where they want. Their estates go into Tennessee probate courts because they never take the time to meet with a skilled Nashville estate planning attorney.

A lot of people think that they can just write a will on their own and it will suffice to protect their final wishes. That is sometimes true. However, wills written without the expertise of a Nashville wills attorney are more likely to be challenged. When authenticity is not an issue, procedural issues often arise from wills that are not executed with the use of an attorney. If all required procedures are not followed, then the default probate court rules are followed.

Probate courts just split your assets among your heirs without distinguishing your stated wishes may have been. Although it is common for people to just split their assets among their heirs, the probate court rules do not take tax strategies into consideration. The best Nashville wills and trusts attorneys help you split your assets to minimize tax penalties and deductions from your creditors.

Avoid the perils of having your estate go into probate court—get your last will and testament executed by an experienced Nashville estate planning attorney. A well-drafted will protects your family from painful legal battles and not knowing whether they have fulfilled your last wishes.

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