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Child support is often one of the most contentious parts of a divorce. Parents hold supporting their children financially as leverage throughout the process as a means of threatening their spouse’s financial stability. The Nashville child support attorney at Middle Tennessee Family Law does everything possible to ensure children are not left without needed financial support in the aftermath of a divorce. Trust our legal skills and knowledge to maximize your child support while minimizing the hardship on your family.

How Is Child Support Determined in Tennessee?

The state of Tennessee uses a guideline worksheet to determine how much child support should be paid to the parent. The guidelines are considered for fairness after filling out the “income shares worksheet” and comparing it to the parent’s situation. Although the guidelines are strongly relied upon to set the child support, they are still only guidelines. The court often looks at a number of factors that persuade judges to deviate from the child support guidelines. Our Franklin child support attorney clearly presents the unique circumstances of your family to ensure that you fully recover the compensation your children deserve.

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The factors that go into the income shares model include:

  • The income of each parent

  • The number of days that the child spends with each parent

  • How many children there are

  • Any special needs of the children

  • The costs of daycare

  • The costs of health insurance for the children

Modifications to Tennessee Child Support Orders

Modifications to child support are relatively routine throughout Middle Tennessee’s family court system. Circumstances often change and justify a modification in the amount used to provide for the children. As a general rule of thumb, either parent’s income must change by at least 15% to justify a court amendment. The most important thing is that modifications do not apply retroactively. You should not wait before speaking with a Franklin child support attorney if something has changed that warrants a modification to the payments you receive. The longer you wait, the more child support your children miss out on.

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