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Probate Attorney in Franklin, Tennessee

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Probate law is a highly specialized area. One of the main reasons why it is so important is that there are few appeal options for probate matters once a judge hands down a decision. You need a knowledgeable attorney who can get it right the first time, guiding clients successfully through the stress and duration of probate court matters. As a former producer in the entertainment industry, the Nashville probate attorney Tiffany Johns at Middle Tennessee Family Law understands what it takes to be successful in highly-stressful, urgent legal situations. She uses her extensive legal skill and knowledge to properly protect the final wishes of the loved one that you have lost.

Common Probate Issues that Arise in Tennessee

Many different legal issues arise after a loved one passes away and the family is left to handle an estate. It is a highly stressful time for everyone involved. There are so many issues that must be addressed as the sum of someone’s life is dissolved through the legal system. For Nashville probate attorney Tiffany Johns, the most important thing is that the court gets it right the first time. She represents beneficiaries, including heirs and executors of the estate, in their pursuits of justice. Common legal issues that arise through the probate process include:

  • Will contests

  • Improper execution of wills

  • Alleged breaches of fiduciary duties

  • Guardianship issues

  • Issues with creditors of the deceased

  • Enforcement of prenuptial agreements

  • Heirs that are alleged to have been unduly left off of a will

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Representing Estate Executors Through Probate

Being named the executor of an estate is often burdensome—even when the will is not initially contested. There are complicated decisions that must be made. If you have been named the executor of the estate of a deceased loved one, speak with the skilled probate attorney at Middle Tennessee Family Law. Sound legal guidance helps you make informed decisions and protect yourself from trouble in the future for accusations of breaching your fiduciary duties.

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Probate matters move swiftly, therefore, do not hesitate to seek legal guidance from the Nashville probate attorney at Middle Tennessee Family Law right away. Attorney Tiffany Johns assists families in need, just like yours. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling us or contacting us online. Serving Franklin, Gallatin, Murfreesboro, Columbia, Nashville and surrounding areas.