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Fathers’ Rights Attorney in Franklin, Tennessee

Many fathers going through a divorce or the breakup of an unmarried relationship assume that they will be at a disadvantage in a dispute involving child custody, especially if their children are young. However, Tennessee has done away with the “tender years doctrine” that tended to give mothers the upper hand. Today, moms and dads are on more equal footing in family court.

At Middle Tennessee Family Law in Nashville, Tennessee, we represent men who need help preserving their relationships with their children. We firmly believe that it is important for fathers to be involved in the lives of their children. We help dads obtain joint child custody plans and even sole child custody when it is appropriate.

As a woman attorney, Tiffany Johns can serve as an effective advocate for fathers in divorce. She is able to anticipate and counter-arguments that moms and their lawyers will raise.

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Determining Appropriate Child Support Payments and Property Settlements

In Tennessee, child support is determined by the incomes of both parents and by how many overnights each parent has with the children. Men may be required to pay child support or may be entitled to receive child support, depending on the facts of the case. Our lawyers can ensure that support is calculated accurately in your case.

Should I File for Divorce or Be the Respondent?

In the past, many men would wait for their spouses to file for divorce and then file their responses. However, this results in the father playing catch-up. The best defense is a good offense. When you file the divorce petition, you can set the pace of the divorce process and take the reins into your own hands.

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To speak to a Nashville fathers’ rights attorney at our firm, call or send us an e-mail using the form on this website. We are located in the Pilcher Building in historic downtown Nashville.