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High Net Worth Divorce in Franklin, Tennessee

Guiding You Through the Unique Challenges of A High Net Worth Divorce

There are unique challenges when a high-asset couple separates. The more wealth you accumulated during your marriage, the more complicated your assets become distributed and integrated into the marital estate, becoming a major area of dispute as you dissolve your marriage. The Franklin high net worth divorce attorney at Middle Tennessee Family Law provides the legal experience and compassion it takes to get you through. We specialize in protecting your assets and your financial future.

Identifying Hidden Assets in Tennessee High Net Worth Divorces

Finding the true value of the marital estate is the most difficult challenge for Franklin high asset divorce attorneys. It is common for spouses to hide assets in anticipation of the marriage failing. A keen eye and attention to detail are critical to uncovering hidden assets during discovery. Discovery in divorces like these can drag on for months. Our attorney goes through every business document and transaction to uncover discrepancies and find out where every dollar has gone. The more valuable the marital estate, the more each spouse will take from the final marriage dissolution.

Why You Need an Experienced High Net Worth Divorce Attorney on Your Side

High-asset divorces often drag on for years and take an emotional toll on both spouses and children. Our Franklin high asset divorce lawyer offers compassionate legal representation while assertively taking a stand for your legal rights. The reason why these divorce cases take so long is that there are generally a myriad of problems associated with valuing the marital estate. Only assets that were attained after your nuptials are to be included in the valuation process. To find out the full value of your marital estate, our Franklin high net worth divorce attorney reviews:

  • Bank account balances and transactions

  • Investments in stocks and bonds

  • Retirement accounts

  • Real estate property holdings

  • Personal assets

  • Vehicles

  • Business ventures

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