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Modification of Orders Attorney in Franklin, Tennessee

As Life Changes, So Must Your Divorce Decree

Life after a divorce is unpredictable and ever-changing. When you experience a significant life change, the terms of your divorce decree may no longer be effective. Under Tennessee law, you have the option to seek a modification of a standing divorce decree to pursue a more effective arrangement.

The Nashville modification of orders attorney at Middle Tennessee Family Law leverages years of experience to help divorced clients alter ineffective or outdated divorce decrees. We handle all legal aspects of the modification process to help you pursue swift and favorable resolutions to your legal proceedings.

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What Orders May Be Modified Under Tennessee Law?

There are many aspects of a divorce decree that may be modified following a major life change, including:

  • Child custody: One of the most commonly modified aspects of a divorce decree is child custody. As the lives of parents and children change, it often becomes necessary to make adjustments to custody arrangements. Changing school schedules, summer plans and other situations may lead to the need for modification of custody orders.

  • Visitation schedules: Much like custody orders, visitation arrangements often become outdated. Changing a visitation arrangement is often in the best interests of the child.

  • Child support: As life goes on, income and employment situations are likely to change. So too do the costs of raising a child. When income and living costs fluctuate, child support orders may become ineffective or unfair to one or both parents. Modifying a support order is a good way to ensure that the best interests of the child or children are protected.

  • Alimony: Changes in income, living expenses or financial responsibilities may reduce the effectiveness of an alimony order. Modifications of an alimony order may be made to protect either party from financial hardship.

It is important to note that in the vast majority of cases, the division of marital property is not an issue that can be modified following the finalization of the divorce decree.

What Must Happen in Order for An Order to Be Modified?

In most cases, family law courts require proof of a major life change in order to consider a petition for modification. The definition of a major life change may vary from court to court, but most recognize specific situations as cause for modification. These situations include:

  • Change in employment or income

  • Relocation of family members

  • Remarriage

  • Changing needs of children

  • Changes to health insurance coverage

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At Middle Tennessee Family Law, our Nashville family lawyer knows that living with an ineffective divorce order can be frustrating. If you have experienced a major life change and need to modify a standing divorce order, our Nashville divorce modification attorney can help. Schedule a consultation with compassionate family law attorney Tiffany Johns by calling us or contacting us online. We offer free initial consultations and flexible payment options to better serve your family’s needs.