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Spousal maintenance, commonly referred to as alimony, is not guaranteed in Tennessee divorce decrees. In contested divorces, alimony must be won by persuading the judge that you are entitled to it based on your particular circumstances. At Middle Tennessee Family Law, our Franklin alimony attorney helps you get through your divorce and smoothly transition into your new life.

Options for Alimony in Tennessee

There are different types of alimony in Tennessee that are possible for people going through a divorce. Our Franklin alimony attorneys look at the particular circumstances of your marriage to help you decide on the most appropriate type of alimony that you should pursue. Tennessee’s options for spousal support that you may be able to recover from your divorce decree include:

  • Periodic alimony — Periodic alimony (sometimes permanent alimony) is reserved for marriages that lasted for a relatively long period of time where one of the spouses was the primary financial provider. These alimony awards are largely factually based upon the length of the marriage, earning capacity of the spouse and the standard of living to which the spouse was accustomed.

  • Rehabilitative alimony — Rehabilitative alimony is for spouses that need some financial support so that they can get an education or use the money to otherwise become self-supporting. This usually automatically terminates after a predetermined number of years, whether or not the spouse is financially stable.

  • Transitional alimony — Transitional alimony is for spouses that have the skills or experience necessary to be financially independent, but need some support in the meantime to bridge the gap between divorce and financial independence. Our Franklin alimony attorney recovers this type of alimony most commonly for spouses that put their careers on hold to care for their household.

  • Lump sum alimony (legally known as “alimony in solido”) — Lump sum alimony is generally negotiated as part of a divorce settlement to equalize the division of marital property.

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What Is Alimony in Tennessee?

Alimony is a means of social security for people that are transitioning back to single life in the aftermath of a marriage. It is a completely separate issue from child support. Because it is not automatic, it is important to develop a sound legal strategy for recovering the spousal support that best suits your needs. Our job as your Franklin alimony attorney is to recover as much alimony as possible to maintain your standard of living while minimizing the expenses of litigation. Many times, we are able to negotiate alimony settlements that avoid the uncertainty and expense that comes from litigating alimony before a judge.

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At Middle Tennessee Family Law, our Franklin alimony attorney helps spouses going through a divorce maintain their standard of living after a divorce. Our main office is located in the Pilcher Building in historic downtown Nashville. For a free initial consultation, call us or contact us online.