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Property Division Attorney in Franklin, Tennessee

Protecting Your Assets and Financial Security

At Middle Tennessee Family Law, our Nashville property division attorney carefully protects your financial security as you dissolve your marriage. We fight for you so you are not left with any less than you deserve from your divorce proceedings. Property division during divorce can be a hotly-contested issue. Don’t underestimate your spouse and put your financial future at risk. Contact our skilled Nashville divorce attorney to advocate for what is rightfully yours.

Your Rights to A Fair Property Division in Tennessee

Tennessee law entitles each spouse to an equal distribution (50 percent) of all marital property. Marital property includes all assets that you and/or your spouse accumulated throughout your marriage. Calculating the total value of your marital estate is more complicated and time-consuming depending on the length of your marriage, how you and your spouse earned income and how you used your assets. Our Nashville property division attorney takes aggressive legal action to ensure that you receive the marital assets you deserve. Marital property includes all of your current assets except:

  • Real property owned by one spouse before the marriage (this does not include equity earned after the marriage)

  • Income earned before the marriage

  • Jewelry and furniture owned before you exchanged vows

  • Assets or property assigned to one spouse at any time by bequest, devise or inheritance

  • Awards a spouse receives from a civil lawsuit or settlement from a personal injury or as the victim of a crime

  • Business equity earned before your wedding

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Uncovering Hidden Assets so You Receive a Full and Equitable Distribution from Your Tennessee Divorce Settlement

As spouses begin to sense that their marriage may soon be ending, they often begin to hide assets to avoid having to pay their spouse what they are rightfully due in the divorce. Our Nashville property division attorney is highly-skilled at uncovering assets that savvy spouses have attempted to hide in anticipation of a divorce. We go back into financial records to find any suspicious financial behavior that suggests that there are assets that are not being disclosed. This is most commonly an issue when a spouse either owns a business or is the primary breadwinner for the family.

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Once your divorce is finalized, it is very hard to get it amended to receive the amount that you deserve. You need a smart, savvy Nashville divorce attorney who knows the ropes and can aggressively pursue your rights to marital property on your side Contact the Nashville property division attorney at Middle Tennessee Family Law for a free initial consultation or contact us online.