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Communication, or Lack Of, Leads the Way in Causing Divorce, According to Experts

Tiffany Johns Law Oct. 28, 2015

The reasons some marriages end in a divorce has been the subject of speculation for what as long as states have offered it as a means of terminating the bonds of matrimony. There is always a new list coming out claiming to be the definitive answer to the age old question: Why do people get divorced?

One recently published list of 10 of the most common things people cited in causing a marriage to come to an end included:

  • Saying “I do” when you knew better: If it does not seem like the right thing to do, go with your instincts.

  • Lack of intimacy: The passion and spark that might have been there during the courtship fades, and suddenly the couple drifts apart emotionally.

  • The miser and the spendthrift: As a general rule, couples who have differing views on finances need to come to a mutually satisfactory meeting of the minds before one or both of them decides to check out of the relationship.

  • Disagreements that keep on giving: Every married couple argues at some point in their relationship. The key to avoiding a divorce over those disagreements is by establishing guidelines to resolve minor conflicts before they can linger on and grow into major problems.

  • Lack of space: You probably have friends who are in relationships in which you never see one of the partners without the other. The appearance of being joined at the hip may not be a sign of compatibility. It could be a sign of a problem in the relationship. Couples need time away from each other to develop as individuals just as much as they need to develop in their relationship with each other.

Surprisingly, cheating on your spouse was not among the top 10 reasons for marital breakups as far as the experts were concerned. The population of one Tennessee community might dispute that omission.

According to official state records, one county has a 90 percent divorce rate compared to the state average of 50 percent. A local resident who has been divorced four times attributed the high rate of divorce to the fact that the small population makes it easier to catch a cheating spouse.

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