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Know Where to Turn when Faced with Modern Divorce Challenges in Tennessee

Tiffany Johns Law July 30, 2015

Following the first LGBT divorce filed in Tennessee, more people look to hire experienced family law attorneys. A leader in her field, Nashville attorney Tiffany Johns aggressively advocates for same-sex divorcees by using a practical approach in cases often ruled by emotion.

Nashville, TN. — On Friday, July 10th, 2015, the Tennessee Attorney General’s office sent a brief to the Tennessee Court of Appeals stating that the divorce between Frederick Michael Borman and Larry Kevin Pyles-Borman will no longer be contested. ( With the topic of divorce resurfacing in the news, questions arise as Tennessee couples facing new challenges seek an experienced divorce attorney to turn to. Most people often wonder how long the divorce process will take, what costs will be incurred, and where to begin.

Tiffany Johns, a leading Nashville divorce attorney at Middle Tennessee Family Law, works as an aggressive litigator, passionately defending clients’ rights and helping them achieve objectives. Ms. Johns provides valuable resources and experience while helping couples find the line between laws that are not black and white.

Attorney Johns has also developed experience handling significant assets and intellectual property, such as a songwriters catalog. Often, clients are concerned about other areas of divorce, including but not limited to, property division, high-asset divorce, child custody, alimony, and child support. With her experience, she is equipped to handle all aspects of even the most complex divorce.

Attorney Johns comes from a unique background, including nine years in the entertainment law arena in Manhattan, as well as working as a producer on the show Inside Edition. Her vast experience gives her a fresh perspective when presenting clients’ cases in court and at the negotiation table. Attorney Johns has effectively represented clients in family law matters that involve prenuptial agreements, uncontested and contested divorces, parenting plan modifications, child support actions, child custody cases, alimony, fathers’ rights, and adoption. As the firm’s founder, Tiffany promotes aggressive yet affordable representation for her clients.

Well-known Nashville divorce attorney Tiffany Johns states, “When going through a divorce, couples are understandably apprehensive. Many people have unrealistic fears about possible outcomes and obstacles. I work in Middle Tennessee divorce courts daily and as an experienced lawyer, I am able to answer your questions and address your concerns.”

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