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Leading Nashville Divorce Attorney Outlines Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

Tiffany Johns Law June 25, 2015

Divorce can be costly. And, can become even more so when spouses unnecessarily take actions that are short-sighted. There are a number of mistakes that people regularly make throughout a divorce. The most common, and possibly the most costly , mistake you can make in your divorce is to overlook assets your spouse has attempted to hide. You need a detail-oriented, experienced Nashville divorce attorney who understands how to uncover undisclosed assets. Millions of dollars are fraudulently kept from spouses every year during divorce. Some other common mistakes to avoid in divorce include:

  • Rushing through the process – This can lead to making a bad decision

  • Taking advice from others – Divorce advice from anyone other than your divorce attorney can lead you down the wrong path.

  • Blindly dividing assets – Prior to dividing property and assets, make a complete list of what you have, what you paid to acquire and its current fair market value.

  • Forgetting to pay taxes – Divorce can have tax implications that must be addressed

  • Underestimating expenses – Having a clear picture of your current and future expenses is important to ensure your long term financial security.

Don’t make the same costly mistakes that so many other people make as they go through a divorce. Find a Nashville divorce attorney that puts you in the healthiest financial position possible as you dissolve your marriage. Think of your divorce strategy from a business perspective- the last thing you need to do is waste tens of thousands of dollars fighting over a few hundred dollars.

At Middle Tennessee Family Law, our experienced Nashville divorce attorney utilized her more than 20 years of knowledge and experience to guide you through the dissolution of your marriage. Avoid making the same mistakes that so many others make during their divorce proceedings. Schedule a free initial consultation at our office, located in the Pilcher Building in historic downtown Nashville by calling, or contact us online.