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The Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Nashville Divorce Attorney

Tiffany Johns Law
June 2, 2015

Not all divorces are resolved through nasty, drawn-out courtroom skirmishes waged by bitter spouses, eager to publicly humiliate a soon-to-be ex. Many divorcing couples agree to divorce without any disagreement over matters such as child custody, property division, and even alimony. After investigating the various court costs associated with filing for an uncontested Tennessee divorce, such couples may reasonably question the need for each spouse to bear the added expense of hiring their own attorney.

However, even couples wishing to part on as amicable terms as possible should still be aware of the risks, perhaps significant, of navigating the Tennessee divorce process without the assistance of an experienced Nashville divorce attorney. Below are just some of the pitfalls which can occur, and which both spouses should bear in mind as they begin this often complex legal procedure.

  • A knowledgeable Nashville divorce attorney can help avoid costly mistakes, often inadvertent, made by spouses unfamiliar with the divorce process who might fail to file a necessary document, miss an important deadline, or fail to meet certain requirements set forth by both the courts and Tennessee law. For example, couples with minor children must not only file a Permanent Parenting Plan which meets with court approval, but must also agree upon support payments which are subject to strict statutory guidelines; for example, Tennessee parents are strictly forbidden from entering any agreement which waives their child’s right to receive support payments.

  • A skilled Nashville divorce attorney can help avoid unnecessary delays caused by a mistake as described above, or a failure to follow proper court procedures. Although couples without minor children can be granted a final divorce judgment sixty days after filing for an uncontested divorce, failure to provide the correct materials or to fulfill various requirements at each step along the way can needlessly extend the process well past this minimum waiting period.

  • Even when there is no disagreement about a final settlement, drafting a valid Marital Dissolution Agreement can still require input from an experienced Tennessee divorce attorney who is able to spot potential ambiguities and future problems inherent in the language of the document. An attorney can also advise a client creating such an agreement of any potential tax liabilities or other issues which may arise in the future, and can draft more favorable alternatives to present to the other spouse for approval.

  • Finally, by retaining an experienced Nashville divorce attorney, those seeking a divorce are relieved of much of the stress involved with the divorce process, assured that the divorce is be handled as efficiently as possible, and that their needs and ultimate goals are not being overlooked.

It should be pointed out that many divorcing couples seek to retain an attorney that can represent both of them. Unfortunately, representing two spouses in a divorce action creates major ethical issues, as it is a fundamental conflict of interest for any attorney to represent opposing parties in the same action.

At Middle Tennessee Family Law, our experienced Nashville divorce attorney is dedicated to providing compassionate, skilled representation for Tennessee residents seeking help with the divorce process. Contact or call Middle Tennessee Family Law today for a free initial consultation. Our offices are located in downtown Nashville in the Pilcher Building, and we have evening and weekend appointments available.