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Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

Experienced Nashville Divorce Attorney Outlines the Differences Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce


Understanding different types of divorce

Sometimes both people in a marriage are not ready to accept that their marriage is over, or they want to fight over an important issue—these are considered contested divorces. When both spouses are unable to agree to dissolving the marriage, the consequences are often time consuming and expensive. At Middle Tennessee Family Law, our Nashville divorce attorney is committed to helping you through your divorce as quickly as possible, with a minimal amount of mental anguish. We work to  finalize your divorce as quickly as possible while litigating aggressively to ensure you get the divorce settlement you deserve.


The difference between contested and uncontested divorces

Contested divorce issues most often arise when spouses have not discussed issues that may come up in their divorce. If you and your spouse cannot agree on certain issues, then the matter is left up to a judge to make the decision for you. Our Nashville divorce attorney strives to avoid the uncertainty and costs that come from leaving your divorce decree up to a judge. We advocate vigorously to achieve a settlement that both you and your former spouse can live with. The most common issues that are contested in Tennessee divorce proceedings include:

  • The grounds for divorce
  • Child custody
  • Alimony
  • Property division


Helping you avoid the disadvantage of contested divorces

There are countless battles that you can choose to contest in your divorce proceedings. We can file endless motions, requests for documents and continuances to prolong the time your case spends on the court’s docket. However, the important thing is to think about is what you are fighting over rationally, rather than emotionally. Our Nashville divorce attorney helps you avoid the unnecessary and costly legal battles of a contested divorce. These battles only extend the time it takes for you to move on with your life and potentially limit the financial resources you have to do so. We offer sound legal guidance and reliable strength as you make the difficult decisions which impact the transition into your new life.


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At Middle Tennessee Family Law, our initial consultations are always free and completely confidential, so you can speak with us honestly and we can fully inform you of your legal options. Our Nashville divorce attorney is experienced at helping couples through both contested and uncontested divorces. Schedule an appointment at our Nashville office, located in the Pilcher Building in historic downtown by calling 615-771-6944, or contact us online.


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