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The recent ruling allowing LGBT couples to marry in the state of Tennessee has been viewed by many as a win for the rights of all couples. While LGBT couples head to the alter, others face a great deal of confusion when attempting to end their existing marriages.

The Nashville LGBT divorce attorney at Middle Tennessee Family Law offers comprehensive guidance to LGBT clients throughout the divorce process. Leveraging years of experience, and a detailed knowledge of Tennessee LGBT divorce laws, attorney Tiffany Johns helps you address each and every detail of your proceedings.

What unique challenges do divorcing LGBT couples face?

With same-sex marriage laws so freshly enacted, LGBT couples face some unique challenges when filing for divorce, including:

  • Wading through unclear laws: Much debate has ensued over the legal details relating to LGBT marriage in the state of Tennessee. As LGBT marriage laws are enacted or evolve, the clarity of these guidelines can become clouded. Undergoing an LGBT divorce in such a changing legal environment can be difficult, especially when the laws relating to health insurance coverage, pensions and other factors are in flux.
  • Towing the line of history: LGBT divorce is a new concept within the state of Tennessee, and throughout much of the United States. The relatively recent legal recognition of LGBT divorce, and the ongoing discussions relating to the practice, may place added stress on both partners.
  • Unique treatment: Some court officials take a religious stance against LGBT marriage. Despite their best intentions to remain unbiased during legal proceedings, these views may result in your being treated differently from a traditional divorcing couple. Limiting the impact opposing viewpoints have on your proceedings is important, especially when those views delay your ability to move forward with the life you deserve.

We help you prepare for each step in the divorce process

We believe that there are many important steps to take in the pursuit of divorce resolutions. Working closely with you, we help you take each of these steps, including:

  • Planning your approach: Creating an effective legal strategy from the start puts you into a strong position to obtain swift and favorable resolutions to your proceedings. After carefully reviewing your situation and your goals, we draft a legal strategy that offers the best possible chance of success.
  • Setting realistic goals: Many divorces are emotionally charged processes in which both parties try to hurt the other as much as possible. This approach doesn’t serve the interests of either party. Creating realistic goals does, however. We offer the advice you need to create realistic goals for every aspect of your divorce, including child custody, property division and more.
  • Executing the legal strategy: Whether you decide to work with your partner to resolve your disputes amicably or require significant guidance from the court, we make every effort to execute your preferred legal strategy as planned. Our knowledge of the laws and courts in the area gives us unique insight into the challenges we may face, and how we can overcome them.

Schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case with our Tennessee LGBT divorce attorney

At Middle Tennessee Family Law, we believe that everyone has the right to pursue happiness in his or her life. Whether that means getting married, or moving on after a marriage, everyone deserves equal treatment. Our Tennessee LGBT divorce attorney applies these principles to every case, ensuring that you receive the quality and empathetic representation you deserve. Contact us online or call 615-771-6944 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your unique concerns with a compassionate Tennessee LGBT divorce lawyer.


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